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Audiopollination December 16th 2022

Set one: David Sait (guzheng)/ Aidan McConnell (drums/ percussion)/ Marilyn Yogarajah (Piano/Trumpet)

Set two: Rod Campbell(trumpet and voice with electronics) / %%30%30 (percussion/drums)/ Fuzzy Nibesh (guitar, electronics)

Set three: Michael Palumbo (modular synth)/ David Story (synthesizer)/ Raquel Skilich (Voice/Electronics)

Set four: Love Children of the Apocalypse

Audiopollination 10th Anniversary 4th Dec 2022

Set 1
Kimberly Ivany/ Kathryn Merriam (harp)
Set 2
12:30- 12:50
Bob Vespaziani/ Brian Abbott
Set 3
1:00 – 1:20
James Erickson/ Diane Roblin/ Ryan Kinney (electric guitar)
Set 4
1:30 – 1:50
Sarah Peebles/ David Story/ Saba Saneinejad (flute)
Set 5
Killer Quartet – Emjay Wright/ Kai Grant / Erin Corbett/ Mickle32

Double Group Continuous Improvisation
2:30 to 3:30
Del Stephen/ Patrick O’Reilly/ James Bailey/ Mira Martin-Gray/ Andrew Finlay Stewart/ David Parker/ Tyson Headon/ styrofoamNosebleedPrincess

3:40 to 4:30
Cosmic Homeostasis

Audiopollination 81

Saturday March 14 2020 – I am sorry, you will need to press on watch on Vimeo to watch the videos

Set 1: Rick Sacks, John Oswald and David Sait

Audiopollination 81 Set 1 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 2: Ryan Kinney, Laura Gillis, Michelangelo Iaffaldano

AP 81 Set 2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 3: Tiina Kiik, Michael Lynn and David Story

Audiopol 81 set 3 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 4: Tiina Kiik, Michael Lynn, David Story, Rick Sacks, Ryan Kinney, Laura Gillis, Michelangelo Iaffaldanano

AP 81 Set 4 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.