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Audiopollination 71 featuring Yumiko Yoshimoto

A Special Audiopollination with Japan meeting Montreal meeting Toronto – Visiting Artists (Yumiko Yoshimoto, Elizabeth Millar, Elizabeth Lima and Craig Pedersen) playing with Toronto based artists Allison Cameron, Mira Martin-Gray, styrofoamNosebleedPrincess Kieran Maraj and Kelley Mitchell
Doors at 7:30. Music at 8:00 (should be finished by 10)
event art by Jamie Thompson

Live visual art by Kelley Mitchell
Set 1 Yumiko Yoshimoto Solo
Set 2 Elizabeth Millar/ Mira Martin-Gray
Set 3 Craig Pedersen/ styrofoamNosebleedPrincess/ Kieran Maraj
Set 4 Yomiko Yoshimoto/ Allison Cameron/ Elizabeth Lima

Audiopollination 70.2

Four sets of improvised music (around 20min long each)
Set 1 Curtis B Whittaker/ Dan Pitt/ Brittany Craig

Set 2 Kieran Maraj/ UsK/ Curtis B Whittaker

Set 3 Arie Verheul van de ven/ Martin van de Ven/ Brian Katz

Set 4 Watson Jenison /mark Hundevad /mkl32