Audiopollination 86 January 2021

Audiopollination 86 – Wednesday 13th Jan 2021 

Andrew Furlong (upright bass) and Laura Swankey (voice and effects)
Livestream video by Dan Tapper
(event art by Elizabeth Lima)
to watch please go to:

Andrew Furlong is an upright and electric bass player and an active member of the Toronto music scene. He has performed with Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble, The Holy Gasp, and Skye Wallace. Andrew is a member of Archives of Eternity with Mark Hundevad and Mike Genarro, plays in Kurt Newman’s Nashville Minimalism Unit, and Brian Abbot’s Fish With an “F”. Andrew’s patient, physical solo performances are the forefront of his artistic practice. Pre-pandemic, he could be found improvising in small groups with some of Canada’s most creative musicians in Toronto, and across North America.
Laura Swankey is a Canadian vocalist, improviser and electronic artist, dedicated to exploring the full capacity of her voice in many musical settings. Her most recent release, an original solo project, combines dry and processed voice to create soundscapes beneath simple, earnest melodies and stories. The sound that is minimalist at some moments, can be dense, raw and abrasive at others. Laura also creates and presents with her jazz quartet, Proxemics, Elisa Thorn’s HUE, Jazz Bras Dot Com, Dr. Purgatory & Plastic Babies.