Ken Aldcroft at Audiopollination

This page is dedicated to the great Toronto musician and supporter of improvised music, Ken Aldcroft.

Audiopollination #41 Ken Aldcroft and Michael Lynn

audiopollination #38.1 set 2 Ken Aldcroft / Germaine Liu / Jonathan Adjemian

Audiopollination #34.2 Yves Charuest (sax) / Nicole Rampersuad (trumpet) / Joe Sorbara (percussion) / Ken Aldcroft (guitar)

Audiopollination #33.2 Stephane Diamantakiou (upright bass) + Ken Aldcroft (guitar)

Audiopollination #33.1 Ken Aldcroft- guitar/ Suzanne Farkas (various instruments)/ David Story (Piano)

Audiopollination #11.2 Michael Fischer, Ken Aldcroft, Joe Sobara, Marcus Baggiani

Audio Pollination #8

Tuesday July 16th 7.45pm to 10pm

Acts: Ken Aldcroft (guitar) performed short duets with
Tiina Kiik (accordion)
Anastasya Koshkin (recorded sound)
Paul Newman (sax) *please note that this recording is peaking and Paul’s sax was not distorted like this- but then again- it gives the recording character
Raphael Roter (dance)
Bob Vespaziani (wave drum)
Suzanne Farkas (various instruments)
Michaelangelo Iaffaldano (various instruments)
Avesta Nakhaei (piano)

Audio Pollination #3

Ken Aldcroft (guitar) and Ambrose Pottie