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Audiopollination is a monthly free improvisation series in association with Array Music featuring a smorgasbord of spontaneous/improvised/instantly composed music.

Audiopollintion est une série d’événements mensuels d’improvisation libre, produite en collaboration avec Array Music, présentant un mélange de musiques spontanées, improvisées, instantanées ou composées en direct

If you want to sign up and play at audiopollination sign up here

Next Events in December

1- Audiopollination 10th Anniversary bash at the Tranzac – Sunday Dec 4 12:00- 4:30
2. Audiopollination Friday Dec 16th at Array – 8pm
1. Audiopollination 10th Anniversary bash at the Tranzac – Sunday Dec 4 12:00- 4:30
Free (but you can put money in a jug if you want)
Bring a wrapped cassette or CD or download code to put in a box and you can choose another wrapped cassette etc. for your self
Set 1
Jessica Houghton (movement)/ Kathryn Merriam (harp)
Set 2
12:30- 12:50
Bob Vespaziani/ Kayla Milmine/ Tegan Dietsch
Set 3
1:00 – 1:20
Diane Roblin/ Ryan Kinney (electric guitar)/
Set 4
1:30 – 1:50
Sarah Peebles/ David Story/ Saba Saneinejad (flute)
Set 5
Killer Quartet – Emjay Wright/ Kai Grant / Erin Corbett/ Mickle32

Double Group Continuous Improvisation
2:30 to 3:30
Del Stephen/ Patrick O’Reilly/ James Bailey/ Mira Martin-Gray/ Andrew Finlay Stewart/ David Parker/ Tyson Headon/ styrofoamNosebleedPrincess
3:40 to 4:30
Cosmic Homeostasis
(everyone can play at this- it doesn’t matter if you played before- just come and bring an instrument – or make sounds from whatever you can find) here is the mandate: “Following the dictates of the Cosmic Homeostasis Tactical Memo, performers from varying artistic practices and levels of experience will join together to navigate through an emergent stable sameness that includes internal-hierarchical data exchange, data selectivity, informational integration, and environmental-organismic information exchange.)”
2. Audiopollination Friday Dec 16th at Array – 8pm
155 Walnut Ave
Set 1: David Sait (guzheng)/ Aidan McConnell (drums/ percussion)
Set 2: Rod Campbell/  %%30%30 / Fuzzy Nibesh
Set 3: Thispatcher/ David Story/ Cassie Norton
set 4: Love Children of the Apocalypse  

 the front of array space the front of array space View Larger Map For any questions about the series contact audiopollinationcanada@gmail.com + follow us on Twitter or find us on facebook

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