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Audiopollination is a monthly free improvisation series in association with Array Music featuring a smorgasbord of spontaneous/improvised/instantly composed music.

Audiopollintion est une série d’événements mensuels d’improvisation libre, produite en collaboration avec Array Music, présentant un mélange de musiques spontanées, improvisées, instantanées ou composées en direct

Next event- Audiopollination 81 Saturday March 14th (live stream or live at Array Space 155 Walnut Avenue Toronto)

*** This will be livestreamed- Streaming starts at 8pm – link will be posted to this event page closer to the date***
Doors open at 7:30 – music will start at 8pm on the dot. 4 twenty minute(ish) sets of free improv music with live visuals by Jason Steidman
If you plan to watch the livestream- or the videos of the livestream that will be posted soon after – (can you please  etransfer $10 to audiopollinationcanada@gmail.com (use audiopollination as the secret answer)

Set 1: Rick Sacks, John Oswald and David Sait
Set 2: Nicholas Cooper [aka Piers Oolvai] (bass clarinet w/ effects), Del Stephen and Kalia Lenaghan (banjo & contact mic w/ effects)
Set 3: Ryan Kinney and Avant-Gardeners (vocal improv stylings)
Set 4: Tiina Kiik, David Story and styrofoamNosebleedPrincess
(trumpet & contact mic w/ effects)

audiopollination 51 audiopollination 50  audiopollination 49.3   audiopollination 49.2   audiopollination 49.1   audiopollination 48.1     audiopollination 47.2      audiopollination 48.2       audiopollination 46        audiopollination 45.3         audiopollination 43          audiopollination 42.2           audiopollination 42.1            audiopollination 41            audiopollination 40              12622272_1033723783353923_2186597996709283505_o                  12373397_1014252435301058_5851808949206814678_n                  12241313_997635693629399_3800806537900407722_n                  12239944_997630223629946_7725327319857791685_n                  12188931_987139591345676_1639232663656369184_n                  audiopollination 35.3                  audiopollination 35.2                audiopollination 35.1               audiopollination 34.1               Audiopollination 33.2               Audiopollination 33.1             Audiopollination 32.3            Audiopollination 32.2           Audiopollination 32.1          audiopollination 31.3         audiopollination 31.2        audiopollination 31.1       audiopollination 30.3      audiopollination 30.2      audiopollination 29.2    Audiopollination 29.1 Audiopollination 28.4 Audiopollination 28.2

Slide show of event art by Jamie Thompson

 the front of array space

the front of array space

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For any questions about the series contact audiopollinationcanada@gmail.com + follow us on Twitter or find us on facebook

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