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Audiopollination is a monthly Somewhere There series in association with Array Music featuring a smorgasbord of spontaneous/improvised/instantly composed music.

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Slide show of event art by Jamie Thompson

If you enjoy the music and video’s and wish to help fund audiopollination – please donate

Do you want to play in the series on the second Saturday of the month from July to December 2016. If so, go to the following link and find a date and time that suits you- self-curating project

Next Night:  October Sat 1st – 8pm @array space $10


Audiopollination in association with Somewhere There and Array Space presents a great night of improvised music
1. Nobuo Kubota (solo)
2. Michael Snow (piano) and Diane Roblin (piano)\
Event art by Jamie Thompson 
This event is also live streamed for free starting at 8pm at: https://livestream.com/accounts/15801205/events/6260548
Nobuo Kubota has been contributing to Canadian art for over 40 years as musician, sculptor and performer. An early member of the Artists Jazz Band and the CCMC (Canadian Creative Music Collective), he is known for his extended vocal techniques and sound poetry. (this is taken from https://www.gallery.ca/en/see/collections/artist.php?iartistid=3010)
Michael Snow
Internationally acclaimed as an experimental filmmaker, Michael Snow is one of Canada’s most important living artists, distinguished as a highly accomplished musician, visual artist, composer, writer, and sculptor. Dazzling in his ability to switch from one medium to another outside of any predictable sequence, and noted for a multi-disciplinary approach to his work, Snow continually challenges notions of content and form, seeing and representation. (this is taken from http://www.gallery.ca/cybermuse/showcases/meet/artist_e.jsp?artistid=5140) – also see his wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Snow

Diane Roblin
Toronto’s JAZZFM 91.1 – RECONNECT is Jaymze Bee’s TOP 3 PICK FOR 2014

“She is a facile and deeply emotional keyboardist who establishes her musical territory with a muscular performance on the Fender Rhodes and technical skill on the acoustic piano…..The Whole Note

“Reconnect from Diane Roblin is a spirited romp from a rock solid quintet we will hopefully hear from again! ”
Stellar!…..”The band happens to be A list, some of the sought after players in Canada. ” critical jazz.com

“Roblin’s piano work dazzles…” Canadianmusic.ca

Born in Buffalo NY, and a classically trained pianist, she continued her music education at York University. Her studies were eclectic and wide-ranging including electronic music, ethnomusicology, jazz improvisation, and classical piano. She attended the Karl Berger/Ornette Coleman intensive workshop in Woodstock, and NYC playing with Dave Holland, Jack deJohnette, Lee Konitz, and other notable musicians. Diane lead and played in many diverse bands and clubs before she took a hiatus from her successful career to follow her other passions. It was at a tribute for her musician husband that she realized the power of music and returned to the piano and composing.

Currently, she leads and writes for Reconnect, a funk-jazz band which encourages groove and energy, and various progressive free improv groups including Two Ninety Two. Diane’s history of solo piano concerts at Toronto’s top concert venues continue to provide a stage for her to express her own unique voice. Her bands include Toronto’s finest players: Jeff King, Scott Marshall, Chris Gale, Richard Underhill, Alexis Baro, Russ Boswell, Mike Pelletier, Roger Travassos, Sly Juhas, Joel Haynes, Chris Wallace, Amhed Mitchell, Chris Lesso, Howard Spring, Bob Cohen, Kyle Brenders, Joe Sorbara, Scott Thomson, Heather Segger, Mark Segger, Bob Brough, Michael Stewart, Clayton Johnston, Jack McFadden, Kieran Overs, Nick Fraser, Rob Clutton and many others.

Reconnect and Two Ninety Two have played the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Society, The Jazz Bistro, Lula Lounge, Oscar Jazz Series-University of Toronto, The Pilot Tavern, The Musideum, 416 Festival, Alliance Francais Cultural Season, Audiopollination Series, Somewhere There-Array Series. Diane has performed at Jazz Festivals in the USA, Canada and internationally at Ronnie Scott’s in London UK, and in Cannes, Antibes and Juan les Pins, south of France.

 the front of array space

the front of array space

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For any questions about the series contact audiopollinationcanada@gmail.com + follow us on Twitter or find us on facebook

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