Audiopollination #45.3 with Alex Cunningham

Audiopollination in association with Somewhere There and Array Space presents a corrupted realm of improvised music
$10 entry – 8pm start
1. Alex Cunningham (violin) and Branko Dzinovic (accordion)
2. Alex Cunningham, Mickle Lynn (upright bass) and Karen Ng (sax)
3. Alex Cunningham solo

Alex Cunningham is a violinist and improviser based in St. Louis, Missouri. He performs free improv and free jazz in solo and group settings as well composed music in the noise rock outfit, Hardbody. Alex’s recent solo debut “Kinesthetics” on N.N.N. Cook’s Close/Far Recordings label features nine solo improvisations on violin, exploring a vast array of extended techniques, percussive elements, and tonal and atonal exploration.

“Violinist Alex Cunningham has been creeping around St. Louis for three or so years, but in the past eighteen months he has become a scene regular with a singular, caustic style of violin shredding. He tends to burn straight through the strings with rapid bowing and rough plucking in a style that unravels years of classic training in real time.” –