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March 2024

Set 1
Uuxe (Jack Brock, synth)/ Saba Yazdanpana (piano and voice) / Reza Yazdanpana (Setar and voice)

Set 2
Connor Crone (bass)/ Bicyclops (guitar + fx)/ Raymond Carruthers (trombone)

Set 3
Bill Gilliam (piano)/ Andrew Finlay Stewart (violin + fx)/ Émilie Fortin (trumpet)

Set 4
Jenna Geen (vox)/ Abby Silvera (movement)/ Mickle32 (upright bass)

Audiopolllination February 9th 2024

Set 1   Jamie Eriksen (sax/clarinet) Jake Laur keys/synth James Lowrie (acoustic guitar)
Set 2 Yoshi Maclear Wall (bass/mandolin)   Rabia Agha (voice/trumpet) Veda Hingert-McDonald, violin
Set 3   Ryan Kinney electric guitar Patrick O’Reilly (Game Boys) Jake Parker Scott (wind instruments/electronics etc.)
Mike’s choice Sara Constant (fluet and effects) and Mickle32 (upright bass and effects)


Set one

Set two

Set three

Set four

Audiopollination January 2024

Set 1
Kayla Milmine / Daria Morgacheva / Isaiah Farahbakhsh
(sorry but the video for this set did not work)
Set 2
Max Donaldson – Piano/ Nate Robertson – percussion
(Sorry but the first 10min of this set did not work)

Set 3
Zack Goldstein – Clarinet and alto saxophone/ Danny Alexander/ Kalina Nedelcheva

Set 4
Rod Campbell / Nour Symon