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Audiopollination April 2024

Set 1 David Sait (guzheng) Sonia Leung (violin/ voice) Rod Campbelll (piano/ trumpet)

Set 2: yasmine (bass) Victor (synth) Marilyn (piano/trumpet)

Set 3: %%30%30 (percussion) / Clay (recorder, vocals, else) / Nicholas Lehmann (Piano)

Set 4: Jessica Houghton (movement) and Pursuit Grooves (electronics)

December Audiopollination 2023

Sorry, the livestream did not work so I don’t have any video – but I have these wonderful photographs by Mike Filippov

Set 1
Michael Palumbo (modular synth) / Jaz Tsui (perc / melodica)

Set 2
Hiromune Kubayashi (piano) /  J. Moone (Electric Guitar)
Set 3
Isaiah Farahbakhsh (cello)/ Mira Martin-Gray
Set 4
Mickle32/ Marilyn Yogarajah

Audiopollination October 2023

Set 1
Lucas Temor (piano) / Kye (vox, electric bass)
Set 2
yasmine/ Diane roblin (keyboards)/ marilyn yogarajah
Set 3
Ryan Kinney (electric guitar)/ Andrew Finlay Stewart (violin and effects)/ Nirvana Sagar (saxophone)
set 4
Mickle 32 + Sonia Leung