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March 2024

Set 1
Uuxe (Jack Brock, synth)/ Saba Yazdanpana (piano and voice) / Reza Yazdanpana (Setar and voice)

Set 2
Connor Crone (bass)/ Bicyclops (guitar + fx)/ Raymond Carruthers (trombone)

Set 3
Bill Gilliam (piano)/ Andrew Finlay Stewart (violin + fx)/ Émilie Fortin (trumpet)

Set 4
Jenna Geen (vox)/ Abby Silvera (movement)/ Mickle32 (upright bass)

Audiopolllination February 9th 2024

Set 1   Jamie Eriksen (sax/clarinet) Jake Laur keys/synth James Lowrie (acoustic guitar)
Set 2 Yoshi Maclear Wall (bass/mandolin)   Rabia Agha (voice/trumpet) Veda Hingert-McDonald, violin
Set 3   Ryan Kinney electric guitar Patrick O’Reilly (Game Boys) Jake Parker Scott (wind instruments/electronics etc.)
Mike’s choice Sara Constant (fluet and effects) and Mickle32 (upright bass and effects)


Set one

Set two

Set three

Set four

December Audiopollination 2023

Sorry, the livestream did not work so I don’t have any video – but I have these wonderful photographs by Mike Filippov

Set 1
Michael Palumbo (modular synth) / Jaz Tsui (perc / melodica)

Set 2
Hiromune Kubayashi (piano) /  J. Moone (Electric Guitar)
Set 3
Isaiah Farahbakhsh (cello)/ Mira Martin-Gray
Set 4
Mickle32/ Marilyn Yogarajah