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audiopollination #44.1

audiopollination in association with somewhere there and array space presents a night of improvised collaborations
$10 8pm @ array space (155 walnut ave)

set 1: Xuan Ye and Brian Abbott
set 2: Kayla Milmine (soprano sax)/ Paul Newman (sax) / Bill Gilliam (piano)
set 3 Ryan Kinney (classical guitar) / Jamie Thompson (flute) / Yusuke Frutate (guitar)
set 4: Bill Gilliam (piano) / Karen and Allen Kaeja (movement)

Audiopollination #35.1

 Saturday 3rd of October-Audiopollination #35.1  Array Space – 8pm – $10 or PWYC

Event art by Jamie Thompson

Event art by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Array Space presents Audiopollinaiton #35.1 – a night of improvised/spontaneous/instantly composed music

1. Bill Gilliam (piano) + Glen Hall (winds/electronics)

2. Bill Gilliam (piano) + Glen hall (winds/electronics) + Joe Sorbara (percussion) + Michael Lynn (bass)


Audiopollination #28.1

Audiopollination #28.1: Sunday March 1st 2015 @ Array Space @ 8pm

event photo by Jamie Thompson
event photo by Jamie Thompson

Somewhere There in association with Array Music presents Audiopollination 28.1

SET ONE: Bill Gilliam (piano) and Glen Hall (Kyma X, electroacoustic sounds, saxophone, flutes and bass clarinet) performing improvised duets rearranging acoustic molecules and other imaginary re-compositions.

SET TWO: Michael Snow (piano), Nobi Kubota (vocals), Diane Roblin (piano) This concert is dedicated to the Artist Jazz Band. After an introduction and comment on the effect the AJB had on them, they play along with TAPIOCA, a tune the AJB recorded at Gord Rayner’s Studio on Spadina in the 70’s. Following this, Michael Snow and Diane Roblin improvise as a duo.

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

Sound recorded and mastered by Ted Phillips