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Audiopollination #25

Audiopollination #25.1 Tuesday December 9th


Set 1
Marcus B (Moog) / Heidi Chan (Japanese and Chinese flutes) / James B (Korg)

Set 2
Brian Abbott (electric guitar) / Aki Takahashi (Japanese three stringed instrument and voice) / Gamliel Kalfa (percussion)

Set 3
Bill Gilliam (piano) / Ambrose Pottie (percussion) / John Creson + Adam Rosen (vocals)

Set 4

Ben Sirois (violin) / Avesta Nakhaei (piano)

improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen-

Recordings by Ted Phillips

Audiopollination #18.2 Focus on Voice

tumblr_myzxotju271qbaleqo1_1280 (640x463)

Recordings by Ted Phillips

1. Diane Roblin (piano) and Corry Sobol (voice)

2. Paul Newman (Sax) and Tena Palmer (voice)

3. Bill Gilliam (Piano), Michael Lynn (bass), Adam Rosen (Voice) and John Creson (voice)

4. Zoë Alexis-Abrams (voice) and Rob Piilonen (flute)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

Audiopollination #17.1

Tuesday April 8th Audiopollination #17.1

IMG_20140313_173324 (480x640)

from 8pm $10 or PWYC

Featured Artist: Bill Gilliam (piano) performing improvised duets and trios with

1. David Shelly (treeotica)

2. Cassie Norton (violin) + Paul Newman (sax)

3. Callum MacKenzie (sax)

4. Cassie Norton + Callum MacKenzie (sax)

Bill Gilliam is a composer who has spent most of his musical life exploring the boundaries between new music, electro-acoustic music and contemporary jazz. He has worked and performed with many experimental artists of like mind in the areas of film, dance, theatre and sound poetry and continues to create compositions for new music chamber performance ensembles.

Improvised visuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen