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Audiopollination 74 the infinite monotremes

A special AP where the Infinite Monotremes and special guests are first forming random small groups to play to 9 short films by Curtis Whittaker – then forming a conducted ensemble

Event art by Curtis Whittaker

Artists involved
Tyson Headon (Bass)
Danielle Fernandes (Sax)
Brent Probably (Guitar, Synths)
Kieran Miraj (Synthesis)
Evan Harkai (Spoken Word)
Curtis Whittaker (Drums and Percussion)
Elizabeth Lima (clarinet and voice)
Olivia Shortt (Baritone Sax)
Michael Lynn (aka mkl32) (upright bass)

Set one: Danielle Fernandes (Sax), Kieran Miraj (Synthesis) and Michael Lynn (bass)

Set 2: Elizabeth Lima, Olivia Shortt and Tyson Headon


Set 3 Curtis B Whittaker, Evan Harkai and Brent Probably

Set four- whole ensemble conducted by Kieran Maraj

Whole ensemble conducted by Danielle Fernandes

Audiopollination 71 featuring Yumiko Yoshimoto

A Special Audiopollination with Japan meeting Montreal meeting Toronto – Visiting Artists (Yumiko Yoshimoto, Elizabeth Millar, Elizabeth Lima and Craig Pedersen) playing with Toronto based artists Allison Cameron, Mira Martin-Gray, styrofoamNosebleedPrincess Kieran Maraj and Kelley Mitchell
Doors at 7:30. Music at 8:00 (should be finished by 10)
event art by Jamie Thompson

Live visual art by Kelley Mitchell
Set 1 Yumiko Yoshimoto Solo
Set 2 Elizabeth Millar/ Mira Martin-Gray
Set 3 Craig Pedersen/ styrofoamNosebleedPrincess/ Kieran Maraj
Set 4 Yomiko Yoshimoto/ Allison Cameron/ Elizabeth Lima