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Audiopollination 68

February 2nd

Set 1 Del Stephen, Michael Ramey, Rod Campbell

Set 2 Alex Fournier, Alexander Whyte, Heraclitus Akimbo

Set 3 Ryan Kinney, James Bailey and MKL32 (Michael Lynn)

Set 4 Lila trio- Bea Labikova, Raphael Roter and Chris Adriaanse

Audiopollination #27.1

Audiopollination #27.1 Featuring Christine Duncan’s Element Choir: February 10th from 8pm @ array space

photo used of Audiopollinatoin #27.1

Somewhere There presents Audiopollination #27.1 in association with Array Music. $10 or PWYC

1. Max McEachern + Andrew Furlong + Element Choir

2. Suzanne Farkas + James Bailey + Element Choir

3. Rod Campbell + D. Alex Meeks + Element Choir

4. Jeff Burke + Ambrose Pottie + Element Choir

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

Audio Pollination #6

This was a Somewhere There love fest, with some fine music in the sultry temperatures of Array space
Set list
1. Pete Johnson (bass) with Michael Smith (analogue synth)
2. Alan Bloor and Dominque Banoun (piano)

3. Arnd Jurgensen with Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Paul Newman (sax) and Guy Leblanc (Trombone)

4. Michael Lynn (bass) Colin Anthony (Piano), Rod Campbell (trumpet), Brenda Joy Lem(voice)

5. Paul Nerman (sax) with Karen Ng (sax)

6. Joe Sorbara (drums and percussion) with Jay Hay (bass clarinet, soprano sax) and Karen Ng (saxophone)