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Audiopollination 70.2

Four sets of improvised music (around 20min long each)
Set 1 Curtis B Whittaker/ Dan Pitt/ Brittany Craig

Set 2 Kieran Maraj/ UsK/ Curtis B Whittaker

Set 3 Arie Verheul van de ven/ Martin van de Ven/ Brian Katz

Set 4 Watson Jenison /mark Hundevad /mkl32

audiopollination #37.1

Tuesday December 8th – 8pm @ arrayspace $10

audiopollination #37.1 event art by Jamie Thompson

audiopollination #37.1 event art by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with somewhere there and array space presents a night of improvised music
each set goes for 20 min
$10 from 8pm

1. Wendalyn Bartley/ Martin van de Ven/ Adele Armin

2. Craig Aguilera / Darlene Cuevas (guitar)/ Cassie Norton

3. Matt Miller (laptop / electronics) / Nathan Petitpas (percussion) / Nicolas Buligan

4.John creson / / ted Philips / adam Rosen

event art by Jamie Thompson

improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen