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Audiopollination May 2023

Set one:

  Diane roblin (piano) Ezra (Percussion)   fuZzy (guitar, electronics, stuff)

Set two:


Adam Golding [adamgolding.ca] piano

Thomas Thurley

Set Three:

Patrick O’Reilly (Game Boys)   Paul Newman (tenor saxophone) Jaz Tsui (melodica, found percussion, bits of the drum kit) 

Set Four: Tegan Dietsch (Tap) and Annie Elgie (voice)

Audiopollination April 2023

April 7th 2023 at Array Space

Set 1
Martin van de Ven/ Saba Saneinejad/ Brian Katz

Set 2
James Bailey/ Susanne Farkas/ Marilyn Yogarajah

Set 3
James Lowrie / Ryan Kinney/

Set 4
Tapocalypse Now: FuZzy / Mickle32 / Heraclitus Akimbo

Audiopollination December 16th 2022

Set one: David Sait (guzheng)/ Aidan McConnell (drums/ percussion)/ Marilyn Yogarajah (Piano/Trumpet)

Set two: Rod Campbell(trumpet and voice with electronics) / %%30%30 (percussion/drums)/ Fuzzy Nibesh (guitar, electronics)

Set three: Michael Palumbo (modular synth)/ David Story (synthesizer)/ Raquel Skilich (Voice/Electronics)

Set four: Love Children of the Apocalypse