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Audiopollination May 2023

Set one:

  Diane roblin (piano) Ezra (Percussion)   fuZzy (guitar, electronics, stuff)

Set two:


Adam Golding [adamgolding.ca] piano

Thomas Thurley

Set Three:

Patrick O’Reilly (Game Boys)   Paul Newman (tenor saxophone) Jaz Tsui (melodica, found percussion, bits of the drum kit) 

Set Four: Tegan Dietsch (Tap) and Annie Elgie (voice)

Audiopollination January 2023

Set 1   Mike Barber (modular synth) Daisy Betlej (taishogoto/misc. percussion)   Tegan Dietsch (tap dance)
Set 2   

Kousha Nakhaei (violin/voice)

Owen Kurtz (electronics) 
Set 3 Jamie Eriksen


  Adrian Russouw (bass and vocals) Bri Clarke (movement/taps)
Mike’s choice   Kimberly Ivany (movement) / Katheryn Merriam (harp)