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Audiopollination June 2024

Set 1
Diane Roblin (keyboards)/ Jamie Eriksen (sax/clarinet)/ Anne Amores (guitar + fx)/ Aisha Sasha John (voice)

Set 2
Laura Swankey/ Nilan Perera/ Tliman Lewis

Set 3
Patrick O’Reilly (Game Boys)/ Connor Bennett (sax, electronics)/ Afraaz Adam Mulji (Prepared Piano (Tibetan singing bowls) + Voice ) + Patrick Booth (sax – visiting from Michigan)

Set 4
Stik Sharpi (small to mid-electric twee)/ Uisill Galar (windy and stringy sounds)/ Bri Clarke (movement)

Friday Oct 6 2023: Johanna and Vanita Monk with guests

Johanna and Vanita Monk (Rotterdam) are presenting their duo in Toronto, and looking forward to meeting and sharing some cosmic moments with local improvisers

Johanna and Vanita Monk set 1


Johanna and Vanita Monk with guests Del Stephens and Nilan Perera

Johanna and Vanita Monk set 3
with Laura Gillis, Michelangelo Iaffaldano, Joe Strutt

Johanna and Vanita Monk set 4
with Elizabeth Lima. Christine Duncan, Mickle32 (Michael Lynn

Audiopollination February 2023

Set 1
Yoshi Maclear Wall (bass/recitation/mandolin) / Rabia Agha
(vocals and trumpet)/Sonia Leung
(violin, vocals, maybe harp)

Set 2
Holgar Schoorl (acoustic guitar)/ Nilan Perera (guitar)/ Kayla Milmine

Set 3
Danny Sheahan (violin/FX and voice/FX)/ Piers Oolvai (effected bass clarinet/clarinet/kalimba/synth?)

Set 4
40 Story Monstrosity: Marilyn Yogarajah + Mickle32 + Malik