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Audiopollination 81

Saturday March 14 2020 – I am sorry, you will need to press on watch on Vimeo to watch the videos

Set 1: Rick Sacks, John Oswald and David Sait

Audiopollination 81 Set 1 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 2: Ryan Kinney, Laura Gillis, Michelangelo Iaffaldano

AP 81 Set 2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 3: Tiina Kiik, Michael Lynn and David Story

Audiopol 81 set 3 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 4: Tiina Kiik, Michael Lynn, David Story, Rick Sacks, Ryan Kinney, Laura Gillis, Michelangelo Iaffaldanano

AP 81 Set 4 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.


Audiopollination 72.2

Audiopollination 72.2 ft. Zheng Ting Wang

A special night of audiopollination with visiting musician Zheng-Ting Wang (sheng and flute) improvising with Toronto locals
Doors at 7:30 – music at 8pm Array Space (155 walnut Ave)

Set 1: Zheng-Ting Wang and Casey Sokol (piano)

Set 2: Zheng-Ting Wang, Glen Hall (flute), Sarah Peebles – sho & crackle box (small electronics), Doug Van Nort (greis/electronics) and Casey Sokol (prepared piano)
Set 3: Zheng-Ting Wang, Rick Sacks (percussion), Olivia Shortt (baritone sax), and Doug Van Nort (greis/electronics)

Zheng-Ting Wang bio can be found here: http://chambermade.org/people/wang-zheng-ting/

and a video