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Audiopollination 10th Anniversary 4th Dec 2022

Set 1
Kimberly Ivany/ Kathryn Merriam (harp)
Set 2
12:30- 12:50
Bob Vespaziani/ Brian Abbott
Set 3
1:00 – 1:20
James Erickson/ Diane Roblin/ Ryan Kinney (electric guitar)
Set 4
1:30 – 1:50
Sarah Peebles/ David Story/ Saba Saneinejad (flute)
Set 5
Killer Quartet – Emjay Wright/ Kai Grant / Erin Corbett/ Mickle32

Double Group Continuous Improvisation
2:30 to 3:30
Del Stephen/ Patrick O’Reilly/ James Bailey/ Mira Martin-Gray/ Andrew Finlay Stewart/ David Parker/ Tyson Headon/ styrofoamNosebleedPrincess

3:40 to 4:30
Cosmic Homeostasis

audio pollination 73 featuring Sonya Holowell

Saturday July 20th: Audiopollination 73 Featuring Sonya Holowell

Come out and enjoy great summer infused improvised collaborations featuring visiting Artist Sonya Holowell (vocal)
$10 – doors at 7:30 – music at 8:00

Set 1: Tiina Kiik (accordian), Paul Newman (sax), Laura Swankey(vocal and effects) and Sonya Holowell
Set 2: Alison Keery (movement) and Sonya Holowell
Set 3: Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion or cello), Brian Abbott (microtonal guitar) and Sonya Holowell
Set 4: Elizabeth Lima (vocal/clarinet), Patrick O’Reilley (guitar and effects) and Sonya Holowell

Sonya Holowell is a vocalist, improviser and writer working across new and experimental genres. She is descended from the Wodi Wodi people of the Dharawal nation, on the south-east coast of NSW, Australia. The contexts for her work are diverse, and she is particularly drawn to interdisciplinary collaboration, placing the voice in unusual positions to create new hybrid forms.
Sonya has performed at numerous festivals for new and experimental music including Sydney Festival, Resonant Bodies Festival, soundSCAPE and Liveworks and has collaborated with
ensembles such as the Song Company, Ensemble Offspring and Australian Art Orchestra. Her work has been shown at venues including the Sydney Opera House, Art Gallery of NSW, Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of Australia. In addition to performing, Sonya is also co-editor and writer for online arts publication ADSR Zine.


Audiopollination 66

December improvised festive spirit improvising festively
$10. Event art by Jamie Tompson
Set 1 Paul Newman/ Diane Roblin/ Heraclitus Akimbo
Set 2 Olivia Shortt/ Amanda Lowry/ Katherine Watson
Set 3 Laura Swankey/ Patrick O’Reilly
Set 4 Tetsuo