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Audiopollination #35.3

Saturday Oct 24th: Audiopollination #35.3

Array Space 8pm #10 or pwyc

event art by Jamie Thompson

event art by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Array Space presents Audiopollination #35.3: a night of improvised/spontaneous/ instantly composed music

1. KRB = Karen Ng (sax), Raphael Roter (percussion) and Bea Labikova (Sax/Fujara)

2.  Nobi Kubota (voice)

3. Michael Snow (piano) and Diane Roblin (piano)

4. John Kamevaar (percussion), Michael Snow and Diane Roblin

Audiopollination #18.3

May 31st Saturday- starts 8pm

Audiopollination 18.3: featuring. CCMC

painting by Mary Peppard
painting by Mary Peppard

1. Bea Labikova + Raphael Roter + Michael Snow + Paul Dutton

2. Chris Adriaanse + Kousha Nakhaei + John Oswald + John Kamevaar

3. CCMC (Michael Snow + Paul Dutton + John Kamevaar + John Oswald)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

“We acknowledge the support of Toronto Arts Council and The League of Canadian Poets”

Audio Pollination #8

Tuesday July 16th 7.45pm to 10pm

Acts: Ken Aldcroft (guitar) performed short duets with
Tiina Kiik (accordion)
Anastasya Koshkin (recorded sound)
Paul Newman (sax) *please note that this recording is peaking and Paul’s sax was not distorted like this- but then again- it gives the recording character
Raphael Roter (dance)
Bob Vespaziani (wave drum)
Suzanne Farkas (various instruments)
Michaelangelo Iaffaldano (various instruments)

Avesta Nakhaei (piano)


Visuals by SOAR (Adam Rosen and John Creson)