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Audiopollination 56.1

November’s self curating audiopollination is a happening. Come enjoy the kool-aid with us and bliss out on great improvised mayhem- Starts at 8pm on the dot- $10
Nov Sat 11th
Set 1 Tiina Kiik/  Robert Carroll
Set 2 Neil Wiernik/ Lorne Shapiro/ Dimitar Pentchev
Set 3 Phookie Nijjit/ Juliana Pivato

Set 4. daNieLLe & tUkU
Set 5 Coin operated duo Mkl32 + Ryan Kinney

audiopollination 42.1

Sat 14th of May 8pm @array space (155 Walnut Ave) $10

photo by Jamie Thompson

photo by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination #42.1 with guest Carter Thornton (NYC)

Audiopollination #42.1 in association with Array Space presents
a night of improvised music

8:00 – 8:20
Rob Carroll, guitar/ Tiina Kiik, accordion/ John Yelland, bAss
8:30 – 8:50
Neil Wiernik, bass-electronics/ Clara Engel, guitar
9:00 – 9:20
Dimitar Pentchev, piano
9:30 – 9:50
Carter Thornton (solo guitar)
Carter Thornton is an NYC based guitarist and musician. Best known for his work with Gnaw, Zashiki-Warashi, Pigeons and Enos Slaughter, his releases over the past fifteen years have spanned a wide gamut: field recording, free jazz, through composed works, abstract classical guitar, experimental metal, destroyed songs. He has a new series of releases, Mapping the Ghost, on Soft Abuse records.

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Current sets are primarily nylon string guitar, similar to:




Audiopollination #38

Saturday January 9th from 8pm @ array space (155 Walnut Avenue)

38.1 by Jamie Thompson

38.1 by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Array music presents a night of improvisation- $10

1. Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion) and Holger Schoorl (guitar)

2. Ken Aldcroft (guitar), Germaine Liu (percussion) and Jonathan Adjemian (piano)

3. Phookie Nijjit (trombone), Andy Dolgin (trombone) and Brian Abbott (guitar)

4. Michael Lynn (bass), Branko Dzinovic (accordion) and Tiina Kiik (accordion)

event art by Jamie Thompson