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Audiopollination #45.2

Saturday August 13th @8pm Audiopollination #45.2

Audiopollination in association with array space and somewhere there presents a night of improvised music

Set 1 Holger Schoorl (guitar)/ Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion)

Set 2 Brian Abbott (guitar) / Lorne Shapiro / Sarah Peebles (sho)

Set 3 SlowPitchSound (turntable)  / Nilan Perera (guitar)


Audiopollination #38

Saturday January 9th from 8pm @ array space (155 Walnut Avenue)

38.1 by Jamie Thompson

38.1 by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Array music presents a night of improvisation- $10

1. Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion) and Holger Schoorl (guitar)

2. Ken Aldcroft (guitar), Germaine Liu (percussion) and Jonathan Adjemian (piano)

3. Phookie Nijjit (trombone), Andy Dolgin (trombone) and Brian Abbott (guitar)

4. Michael Lynn (bass), Branko Dzinovic (accordion) and Tiina Kiik (accordion)

event art by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination #35.2

Audiopollination #35.2 October Tuesday 6th: part 4 of the self-curating project

Array Space- 8pm $10 or pwyc

Event art by Jamie Thompson

Event art by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Array Space presents Audiopollinaiton #35.1 – a night of improvised/spontaneous/instantly composed music

Each set goes for approximately 20 min

1. Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion), Holger Schoorl (guitar)

2. Barry Prophet (Digital Theremin & Sound Art), Aisha Sasha John (dancer), Yusuke Furutate (Guitar, Voice)

3. Tiina Kiik (accordion), William Davison (guitar) and Zach Clark (el. bass guitar)
4. Kayla Milmine (soprano sax/voice, {AN} Eel – Vox / Instruments / Electronics , Paul Newman (tenor saxophone)

improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen