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Audiopollination #29.1

Audiopollination 29.1 –  Tuesday April 14th

Event photo by Jamie Thompson

Event photo by Jamie Thompson

Somewhere There in association with Array Music presents Audiopollination 29.1 – April 14th
$10 or PWYC (if you can’t pay you are still very welcome)

1. Heidi Chan (Chinese flutes) + Jamie Thompson (flutes +amplification)
2. Brian Abbott (guitar) + James Bailey (James Bailey things)
3. Kayla Milmine (soprano sax) + Steve Ward (trombone)
4. Tomasz Krakowiak (percussion) and Holger Schoorl (classical guitar)

Event Artwork by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination #19.1

Tuesday June 10th: Audiopollination #19.1

IMG_20140527_155540 (800x791)

1. Heather Segger (trombone) and Mark Segger (percussion)
Elliott Fienberg (visuals)

2. Robert Appleton (visual music) and Matt Miller (electronics)

3. Holger Schoorl  (guitar) Tomasz Krakowiak  (percussion)

4. Chris Adriaanse (bass) Michael Lynn (bass)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen