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Audiopollination #52.1 ft Elizabeth Lima and Alix Hyde

Sunday March 5th @8pm @ array space: Audiopollination #52.1 ft. Elizabeth Lima and Alix Hyde

Audiopollination in association with Array Space presents a night of improvisation with visiting Roumouski guests: Elizabeth Lima (Clarinet) and Alix Hyde (violin).
Set 1: Elizabeth Lima (Clarinet), Jamie Thompson (flute/effects) / Nilan Perera (guitar)

Set 1 Audiopollination 52.1 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 2: Alix Hyde (violin), Kayla Milmine (sax), Andy Yue (keyboard/piano), Michael Lynn (bass)

Set 2 Audiopollination 52.1 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 3: Elizabeth Lima and Alix Hyde

Set 3 Audiopollination 52.1 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Elizabeth Lima
The centrepiece of Elizabeth Lima’s improvisational practice (voice and clarinet) is the emotional response to sound: the human experience and interconnection shared amongst musicians and with the audience. She creates performances in which traditional and extended techniques are combined with theatrical elements. She performs regularly in Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski
both as a soloist and within multiple ensembles: Framboos (Quebec-Montréal), which she cofounded in 2000, Le GGRIL (Rimouski), Sam Shalabi’s Land of Kush, who have released three recordings on Constellation Records and Joker Choir (Montreal) under the direction of Joane Hétu. She has performed with artists such as Joe Morris, Ingrid Laubrock and Caroline Kraabel amongst others. Elizabeth has also participated in premiering works by Xavier Charles, Scott Thompson,
Isaiah Ceccarelli and Lisa Cay Miller. She appears actively in various series in Montreal (Mardi Spaghetti, MercrediMusics) festivals (Suoni Per Il Popolo, FIMAV, Rencontres de musiques
spontanées, Phénoména, Festival OFF Québec) and with production companies such as Codes d’accès and Productions SuperMusique

Alix Hyde
Alix Hyde is a multi-instrumentalist and composer hailing from the UK. Their interest in improvisation stems from the profound potential for deep listening, expression and emotion that the practice allows. Alix regularly improvises (primarily on the violin) in diverse settings, from spoken word poetry to folk music
and has taken part in workshops by Keith and Julie Tippet and Maggie Nichols. Alix Hyde’s electronic music is being released on the Elestial Sound label and artist co-op in Gainesville Florida



audiopollination #40

Audiopollination #40 – Saturday 12th March – doors 7:30 music at 8pm

$10 or PWYC


Sat 12th March (second sat) First performer Second performer Third performer
8:00 – 8:20 David Shelly amplified tree branch and water Dimitar Pentchev,piano, keyboard Liam Gallagher – Computer Music
8:30 – 8:50 Diane Roblin, piano Maxwell McEachern, guitar Craig Aguilera, bass guitar
9:00 – 9:20 David Jones Andy Yue Chris Trotter
9:30 – 9:50 Neil Wiernik + Michael Lynn


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Audiopollination #32.2

Tuesday July 14th 8pm @ array space

event art for Audiopollination #32.2 by Jamie Thompson

event art for Audiopollination #32.2 by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Somewhere There and Array Space presents the first of six parts of the self-curation project – a night of improvised/spontaneous/instantly composed trios
$10 or pwyc

1. Michael Lynn (upright bass) + Neil Wiernik (electronics) + Lara Solnicki (voice and text)
2. Heidi Chan (flutes) + Alec Brady (electronics) + Andy Dolgin (Low Brass)
3. Ben Sirois (violin) + Andy Yue (piano) + Alex Fournier (upright bass)
4. Zach Clark + Kayla Grant (vocals) + Pedro Ferreira (electronics)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen
Event Art by Jamie Thompson