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audiopollination #27.2


Somewhere There’s Audiopollination in association with Array Space proudly presents a night of improvisations featuring pianist Tim Crofts from Halifax.

$10 or PWYC

1) Tim Crofts (piano), Ted Phillips (cataRT), Nilan Perera (guitar)

2) Tim Crofts (piano)

3) Tim Crofts (piano), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Pete Johnston (bass)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

Audiopollination 27.2 is a co-presentation with AIM Toronto and Circuit.



Tim Crofts’ tour of Canada is supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts.

Tim Crofts is a true 21st Century pianist. Tim’s main focus is improvisation & new music. His musical style combines elements of 20th century classical music with free jazz improvisation and world music aesthetics. In performance, Tim explores the full sonic capabilities of the acoustic piano through extended techniques and a wide range of piano preparations. He is able to coax a variety of colour and extreme dynamic contrast through employing traditional and non-traditional techniques in tandem. Crofts also performs in electronic settings utilizing a variety of samplers, synthesizers and keyboards to create an even more extended palette of sounds and textures. All these stylistic elements are blended through free improvisation, and the pursuit of the sound of the moment.

In Halifax, Tim is active in both the performance and teaching of improvised music. He has been presented regularly by suddenlyLISTEN in concerts and on tour, with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio. He has performed regularly with the Upstream Music Association and the Upstream Orchestra, including a 2013 performance at the 29th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, in Quebec. Tim has also performed with Symphony Nova Scotia at the CNMN Forum, and in other concert with such creative music luminaries as Jerry Granelli, Gerry Hemingway, Graham Collier, Evan Parker and Dave Douglas. In 2014 Tim released two recordings: his solo CD 8 Ball and Doorknob, and Literal Lateral with the Crofts/Adams/Pearse Trio and percussionist Gerry Hemingway.

Audiopollination #16.2

Audiopollination 16.2


March 13th

Ft. Gil Delindro

1. 6 heads ( http://www.recordism.com/SixHeads/SixHeads.html ) with Gil Delindro

2. Glen Hall / David Sait / Ted Phillips

3. Gil Delindro ( delindro.com   )
visuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

About Gil Delindro

Gil Delindro – Multidisciplinary artist working with a dense fusion of medias. Coming from a background of electroacoustic noise music and independent art production, he has been performing through europe since the age of seventeen, working on open collaborations and performing together with Alto de Pega, SROSH ensemble, Nome and recently in the wide improv echtzeitmusik scene of Berlin.  Delindro explores tensions between ego and nature, time, organic mutations and post digital conflicts, by incorporating organic concrete elements into electronic processed soundscapes. His work has been released and presented in a dynamic variety of forms, from solo and group exhibitions to films and extensive tours. Sound comes as a sculptural research that clashes between chaotic psychedelic textures and obscure relations to Nature. Recently he has collaborated in experimental theater pieces and also in numerous films like Raz Mesinai’s Tunnel Vision, released by tzadik records. He is now post producing an experimental film titled Bruta Gruta, which explores a bizarre world captured during 5 months of isolation in Gerês National Park. He has been in touch with labels such as Sonoscopia,  Giant Fern Records, Marvellous Tone, Blindless films, audition records.  Being also a cultural event producer in both underground and formal places such as Altes Finamzamt(berlin), Toca aqui(porto), Kukulida E.V(Dresden).  One of the youngest and more active artists coming out from Porto experimental scene, having collaborated widely with musicians of different backgrounds such as Gustavo Costa, Yaw Tembe, Jonathan Ulliel Saldanha, Carlos Costa, Harry Taylor, Pedro André.

Audiopollination #15

Audiopollination #15

painting by Ellen Peppard

painting by Ellen Peppard

February Tuesday 

Featuring:  Alister Spence (piano) (Australia)


1) Pierre Mongeon (trumpets) and Alister Spence (piano)

2) Sarah Peeblesshō (), Nilan Perera (electric guitar) and Ted Phillips (laptop)

3) Alister Spence (piano) and Jonnie Bakan (sax)

4) Alexandra Spence (clarinet) and Alister Spence (piano)

5) Alister Spence (piano), Pierre Mongeon (trumpet), Jonnie Bakan (alto sax), Alexandra Spence (cl,) and Michael Lynn (el. bass)

+ Fantastic Visuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen