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Audiopollination #42.2 with Alexandra Spence

Sunday 22nd May- Audiopollination 42.2 featuring Alexandra Spence – 8pm – array space $10

photo by Jamie Thompson

photo by Jamie Thompson

First set:
‘The Lady Hedonism Consort of Toronto’

The Ensemble:

Strings: Ilana Waniuk, Laura Bates, Aline Homzy, Sanaz Nakhjavani

Brass: Heather Saumers

Reeds: Bea Labikova, Alexandra Spence

Vocals: Laura Swankey

El.ectric Bass/conduction: Nilan Perera

Second Set
Alexandra Spence (clarinet) and Diane Roblin (piano)

Third Set
Alexandra Spence (clarinet) and Paul Newman (sax)

Audiopollination #18.1 There is no magic

May 4th

IMG_20140322_095246 (467x800)

Audiopollination #18.1: there is No Magic
(Audio courtesy of Ted Phillips)

1. Birth of Troubling Forms- Ambrose Pottie/Alan Bloor/Branko Dzinovic/ Michael Lynn-  and No Magic (Lewis O’Leary)

2. Alexandra Spence (clarinet) / Bea Labikova (sax) and No Magic (Lewis O’leary)

3. Odradek- Michelangelo Iaffaldano/ Andy Yue/ James Bailey and No Magic (Lewis O’leary)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

Audiopollination #15

Audiopollination #15

painting by Ellen Peppard

painting by Ellen Peppard

February Tuesday 

Featuring:  Alister Spence (piano) (Australia)


1) Pierre Mongeon (trumpets) and Alister Spence (piano)

2) Sarah Peeblesshō (), Nilan Perera (electric guitar) and Ted Phillips (laptop)

3) Alister Spence (piano) and Jonnie Bakan (sax)

4) Alexandra Spence (clarinet) and Alister Spence (piano)

5) Alister Spence (piano), Pierre Mongeon (trumpet), Jonnie Bakan (alto sax), Alexandra Spence (cl,) and Michael Lynn (el. bass)

+ Fantastic Visuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen