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Audiopollination #30.3

Sunday May 24th Audiopollination #30.3

event art for audiopollination 30.3 by Jamie Thompson

event art for audiopollination 30.3 by Jamie Thompson

Audiopollination in association with Somewhere There and Array Space presents Audiopollination #30.3

1. Sarah Peebles Andrew Timar, and Glen Hall

2. Sarah Peebles, Glen Hall and Aki Takahashi

Glen Hall (bass clarinet / bass flute)
Aki Takahashi (shamisen)
Sarah Peebles (shô)
Andrew Timar (suling gambuh)

Event art by Jamie Thompson


Audiopollination #15

Audiopollination #15

painting by Ellen Peppard

painting by Ellen Peppard

February Tuesday 

Featuring:  Alister Spence (piano) (Australia)


1) Pierre Mongeon (trumpets) and Alister Spence (piano)

2) Sarah Peeblesshō (), Nilan Perera (electric guitar) and Ted Phillips (laptop)

3) Alister Spence (piano) and Jonnie Bakan (sax)

4) Alexandra Spence (clarinet) and Alister Spence (piano)

5) Alister Spence (piano), Pierre Mongeon (trumpet), Jonnie Bakan (alto sax), Alexandra Spence (cl,) and Michael Lynn (el. bass)

+ Fantastic Visuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen