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Audio Pollination #6

This was a Somewhere There love fest, with some fine music in the sultry temperatures of Array space
Set list
1. Pete Johnson (bass) with Michael Smith (analogue synth)
2. Alan Bloor and Dominque Banoun (piano)

3. Arnd Jurgensen with Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet), Paul Newman (sax) and Guy Leblanc (Trombone)

4. Michael Lynn (bass) Colin Anthony (Piano), Rod Campbell (trumpet), Brenda Joy Lem(voice)

5. Paul Nerman (sax) with Karen Ng (sax)

6. Joe Sorbara (drums and percussion) with Jay Hay (bass clarinet, soprano sax) and Karen Ng (saxophone)


Audio Pollination #3

Audiopollination #3 on Feb 19th 2013 consisted of Ambrose Pottie (drums/marimba/honeytone amps) playing ten minute improvised duets with

Ken Aldcroft (guitar)
Colin Anthony (piano)
Alan Bloor (violin)
Dominique Banoun(iphone + the wolfman string thing)
Rod Campbell (Trumpet)
Arnd Jurgensen (electric saz)
Tilman Lewis (cello)
Paul Newman (tenor sax) 

The short film was by Jan Svankmajer

Audio Pollination #1

This is the first night of a new series I am curating. And the first one was tops. A great night of duos and trios. Special thanks and love to the neighbor
Chris Adriaanse: Upright Bass with
Colin Anthony: Piano
Alan Bloor: Violin
Dominque Banoun: Piano strings
Rod Campbell: Trumpet
Second set
Rob Piilonen: Flute and Raphael Roter: Drums
then joined with Bea Labikova: Fujura (Slovakian traditional wind instrument)
and Colin Anthony (piano)

The short film shown was Norman Mclaren’s Ballet Adagio