Audiopollination 55.2

October- 20th

What has become a fantastic annual Audiopollination tradition- Michael Snow and Diane Roblin will be teaming up again for a double piano set + the one and only great Nobi Kubota is doing a solo set. Event art- by Jamie Thompson (thanks Jamie)
Starts at 8pm on the dot
set 1. Nobi Kubota (voice)

Nubuo Kubota – Set 1 Audiopollination 55.2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Set 2. Michael Snow (piano) and Diane Roblin (piano)

Michael Snow & Diane Roblin – Set 2 Piece 1 Audiopollination 55.2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Michael Snow and Diane Roblin Set 2 Piece 2 Audiopollination 55.2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.



Audiopollination 54

Saturday September 9th Audiopollination #54

Audiopollination self curation is firing back up so come and enjoy the fireworks
starts 8pm on the dot
$10 entry

Set 1: Michael Lynn/ Michelangelo Iaffaldano/ UsK/ Laura Gillis
Set 2 Alex Fournier/ Ashley Urquhart/ Arnd Jurgensen
Set 3 Neil Wiernik – io media reunion/ Michael Trommer – io media reunion/ Rob Cruickshank & Dafydd Hughes – io media reunion
Set 4 Brian Abbott (guitar), Michael Keith (saz and/or bari uke and/or guitar), Nilan Perera (guitar), Araz Salek (tar)

Audiopollination #53.3

Monday August 21st 8pm: Audiopollination #53.3

Audiopollination has come out of its hibernation for a fantastic show of visiting artists.
Show starts at 8ish
$10 to get in.
Set 1: Minibeast: Keith Seidel, Eric Baylies and Peter Prescott
Set 2 Insect Factory: Jeff Basky
Set 3: Sandy Ewen

Minibeast is the musical creation of Peter Prescott (Mission Of Burma, Volcano Suns, Kustomized, Peer Group). Minibeast combines surf, psych, punk, easy listening, ’60s children’s music, and soundtrack influences to create instrumental soundscapes. Live, Minibeast is a 3-piece band with Keith Seidel, Eric Baylies, and Peter Prescott.

Here’s an informative interview with Peter by current bandmate Eric Baylies:

INSECT FACTORY is music from Silver Spring, MD musician Jeff Barsky. Insect Factory creates guitar meditations that focus on texture and mood, building layers of dense sounds that slowly evolve into hypnotic and atmospheric drones.

Insect Factory’s newest LP, “Work”, was released in the fall of 2016, to critical acclaim, receiving honorable mention as a top solo guitar record of the year from NPR’s All Songs Considered, and was called “indisputably gorgeous, lulling, and even, at times, rhythmically alluring” by the Washington City Paper.

Sandy Ewen: an improvising guitar player based in Houston. Recordings out with Jaap Blonk, Weasel Walter, Tom Carter, Henry Kaiser and played in small ensembles with Lydia Lunch, Roscoe Mitchell, Maggie Nichols and others.