Audiopollination Spirit of the inner child part 1

November 22nd 2017

‘Spirit Of The Inner Child’ is a night celebrating and recognizing the notion of childlike curiosity, innocence, and freedom of creative expression that ought to remain at one’s very core throughout our lives.

Seven creative experimental artists (David Parker, Del Stephen, Erik Kinsella, Heraclitus Akimbo, MKL32, Paul Newman and Jeff Sinibaldi) will mix it up for 1 night only, to perform 2 sets of spontaneous group explorations, upstairs in one of the most vital experimental music hubs in the city, Array Space.






Audiopollination 56.2

A special Audiopollination for touring Slovakian touring musicians Lenka Novosedlikova (marimba) and. Sisa Suchankova (Flute)
Starts at 8pm sharp- Tuesday 14th Nov- $10

Lenka Nososedikova and Sisa Suchankova will be playing in various figurations with
Rob Pillonen, Rick Sacks, Michael Lynn, Kathryn Merriam and Raphael Roter

Set 1- two marimbas and percussion

Set 1-Audiopollination 56.2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

set 2 Two flutes, harp and bass

Set 2 Audiopollination 56.2 from Arraymusic on Vimeo.

Audiopollination 56.1

November’s self curating audiopollination is a happening. Come enjoy the kool-aid with us and bliss out on great improvised mayhem- Starts at 8pm on the dot- $10
Nov Sat 11th
Set 1 Tiina Kiik/  Robert Carroll
Set 2 Neil Wiernik/ Lorne Shapiro/ Dimitar Pentchev
Set 3 Phookie Nijjit/ Juliana Pivato

Set 4. daNieLLe & tUkU
Set 5 Coin operated duo Mkl32 + Ryan Kinney