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Audiopollination #16.1


painting by Ellen Peppard

Feature Guest Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet) performing duets and trios with

1) Emilio Guim (guitar) and Chris Wallace (percussion)

2) Arnd Jugensen (guitar) and Alvaro Giron (laptop)

3) Wade Whittaker (guitar) and Steve Lederman (percussion)

4) Colin Fisher (sax/guitar)

improvised visuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen

Audiopollination #12

November 19th

First half: Watson Jennison (flute, piano, kettle drum, homemade marimba), Colin Fisher (drums and sax), Barry Lipton (ipad) and Michael Lynn (upright bass)
Due to its length and the limitations of bandcamp this track had to be split into two
Branko Dzinovic (Accordion), Alan Bloor (violin) and Michael Lynn (upright bass)
Branko Dzinovic (accordion) and Avesta Nakhaei (Piano)
Visuals by Adam Rosen and John Creson