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audiopollination 45.1 with Sandy Ewen

Audiopollination in association with array space and somewhere there presents a night of improv music featuring Sandy Ewens (Canada/USA)
1. Sandy Ewen (guitar) / Andrew Furlong (bass) and Olya Glotka (movement)
2. Sandy Ewen (guitar) / William Davidson (various) / Alan Bloor (violin and metal) and Michael Lynn (bass)
3. Sandy Ewen solo guitar
Sandy Ewen: an improvising guitar player based in Houston. Recordings out with Jaap Blonk, Weasel Walter, Tom Carter, Henry Kaiser and played in small ensembles with Lydia Lunch, Roscoe Mitchell, Maggie Nichols and others.
bandcamp: https://sandyewen.bandcamp.com/

Audiopollination #27.1

Audiopollination #27.1 Featuring Christine Duncan’s Element Choir: February 10th from 8pm @ array space

photo used of Audiopollinatoin #27.1

Somewhere There presents Audiopollination #27.1 in association with Array Music. $10 or PWYC

1. Max McEachern + Andrew Furlong + Element Choir

2. Suzanne Farkas + James Bailey + Element Choir

3. Rod Campbell + D. Alex Meeks + Element Choir

4. Jeff Burke + Ambrose Pottie + Element Choir

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen