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Audiopollination 28.2

Tuesday March 10th 2015 @ 8pm @ Array Space

Somewhere There in association with Array Space presents Audiopollination 28.2 featuring the multi-faceted violinist Parmela Attariwala !

Photo by Jamie Thompson

Photo by Jamie Thompson

1. Parmela Attariwala (violin) + Adele Armin (violin)
2. Parmela Attariwala (violin) + Branko Dzinovic (accordian) + Robert Aitken (flute)
3. Parmela Attariwala (violin) + Jeff Burke (bassoon, theremin) + Casey Sokol (piano)
4. Parmela Attariwala (violin) + Shahriyar Jamshidi (kamanche)

Improvisuals by John Creson and Adam Rosen